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Humble-Crumble Collectors Bears

About Me

Humble-Crumble Bears came into being early in 2003 after I accidentally came across the world of collectable artist bears. Over the years I have endeavoured to develop my own signature style, designing and creating bears inspired by the antique and vintage bears of yesteryear.


I work from our home in rural Essex, in one of the county's oldest fishing villages,surrounded by quiet, open countryside and amazing wildlife. My husband and I have two gorgeous (almost grown up) daughters and share our home with our three adorable dogs.


About the bears

Each bear is uniquely designed and made with highest quality materials available, including fine English and German mohair and glass eyes. All of the bears are fully jointed using cotter pin joints - most of the bears  have wobble jointed heads. They are filled with varying combinations of polyester fibre, cotton fibre and traditional woodwool. For a reassuring weighty feel steel shot is added to their tummies, paws and toes. Noses are embroidered and often waxed, whilst further detailing is painted by hand to provide a gently aged look. Many bears are available with handmade clothing or vintage accessories.


A great deal of time is spent to ensure that each bear has a unique personality and character and I only make a limited number each year. I sincerely hope that each bear will become a faithful companion and bring pleasure for years to come. Please take a look around the site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Work in Progress .....


1 July 2017

Jonah a new 16.5 inch design is available now ..... x

26 April 2017

Paloma a pretty 14" girl is available for adoption.......x

20 April 2017

14" whispy blue mohair teddy bear "Vernon" is available for adoption ......

18 April 2017

Please note, my commission book is now closed until September 2017, however there will still be regular updates to this Website and Facebook so do stay in touch!

3 March 2017

Sweet little Fenella is available for adoption ..... x

14 March

Dotty - a funny little old stick (quite literally) is available for adoption on the Available bears page!

21 Fenruary 2017


Albie - 14inch centre seam. plae gold teddy has been added to the availble bears page ....

17 February2017

I'm pleased wo present "Truly Thine" a 14 inch bear inspired by a Victorian Scrapbook ......



1 February 2017

Francine is a new addition to the Available Bears Page ......

9 January

Echo is now available from the available bears page ......

18 December 2016

Cassiel and friends are now available for adoption on the available bears page.

3 December 2016

Barton a new 22" commissioned bear has already found a home for Christmas, however th will be a small selection of bears available in the coming weeks ...


23 April 2016

New bears have arrived on the website. Please visit the Available Bears page for more information.

Fedya and Petya

10 February 2015

Over the next few weeks I'll be busy in my work room turning this lovely pile of mohair into some new bears for the website.

In the meantime, Camillo, a 20 inch apricot pink bear is putting in a solo appearance on the available bears page and hoping to find a new home.

9 December 2015


A big THANK YOU to everyone who visited the new bears on Monday, and especially to those who offered them homes! Many, many thanks!


7 December 2015

New bears have arrived, please visit the available bears page and click on the images for more details ....


16 November 2015


New Website launched!

It's going to be very busy here in the work room over the next few weeks. I'm excited to let you know that a new delivery will soon be arriving at Silly Bears of Aberdeen in time for their Christmas Cheer event on November 21st.  For more details please visit their website

I will also be designing and creating a special collection of bears for Christmas that will be available here on the website at the beginning of December in plenty of time for Christmas delivery ........

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